Introducing Flex Step® Flip Flops and Pads at Horseshoe Barn

Horseshoe Barn is pleased to have available Flex Step® Flip Flops and Shoe Pads.

Flex Step Flip Flop - FlatFlex Step® Flip Flops include features specifically designed for the competitive show horse
  • True Angle Support: Created to be flush with an 8mm shoe, these pads are designed to address negative palmar angle issue
  • Stud Inserts: Only product of their kind available with optional added traction
  • Durability: Made from high quality material, these pads are intended to be used for multiple resets

*All Flip Flops are produced in comparable sizes to industry standard shoe sizes.

Flex Step Flat PadFlex Step® Shoe Pads offer superior design features to support your horse in ways other pads can’t
  • Longevity: Flex Step® Shoe Pad material was created to retain its integrity to offer uniform shock absorption for multiple resets
  • Hoof Health: Compared to plastic and vinyl pads, the Flex Step® Shoe Pads offer remarkable improvement of hoof health throughout the duration of a shoeing cycle
  • Unique Benefits: Flex Step® Shoe Pads shape to the foot without absorbing moisture, swelling or creating pressure points
  • Correctional Support: With a two degree wedge, the Flex Step® shoe Pad offers correctional support for negative palmar angle issue

These products are available in-store only. Call today for more information and pricing for these quality pads.

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