The Horseshoe Barn’s 29th Annual Clinic A Success

The Horseshoe Barn held their 29th Annual Clinic on November 18th and 19th in Sacramento. The clinicians included Roy Bloom CJF APSeminar Day 1 - 1F,Dave Farley CF APF, Logan Lovett CF APF, and Mike Hayward APF. Roy Bloom began Fridays clinic with tool preparations and shoe modifications drawing in the crowd with his impeccable tool making abilities and knowledge. Along with Roy, Logan Lovett spoke on the imperative topic of “How to Prepare for Emergencies” which helped many farriers. Mike Hayward closed out the first day with a discussion on “Branding Your Business”. Day two commenced with Dave Farley speaking on “The Differences Between European and American Hunters” as well as “Who Runs Your Business.” It was a great day of discussions and lectures as well as a live demonstration on the “12 Reference Points for Balance” with Roy Bloom and Dave Farley.

Our 29th Annual Clinic was a great success and The Horseshoe Barn would like to say Thank You to our Sponsor Farrier Product Distribution and to our clinicians; Roy Bloom, Dave Farley, Logan Lovett, and Mike Hayward who came out and put on a great clinic.

Thank you to everyone who attended!



Horseshoe Barn