EDSS Freedom Shoe

The FREEDOM Shoe™ is a revolutionary treatment and performance shoe that is designed to help improve and resolve many of the common injuries & pathologies that occur in all types of horses. It is designed to help support all aspects of the foot, yet provide various, controlled release points to reduce the leverage forces acting on the internal structures that are potentially damaged & strained. The Freedom shoe is made of a durable and lighter weight aluminum that has specifically located steel wear pins that insure the biomechanics of the shoe will be provided & maintained throughout the shoeing cycle. The beveled heel of the shoe help create a softer landing and smooth transition throughout the stride unrollment. The shoe is well seated out on the foot side to provide ample sole clearance, yet full protection and support to the coffin bone and caudal hoof structures. Minor fitting adjustments can be made with a grinder if necessary, but for most cases when the foot is prepared in a way that minimizes or eliminates distortions, the Freedom shoe will fit most feet without alteration. We recommend a smaller head nail when possible to maintain the leverage reduction design of the shoe. A 4, 4.5 or 5 Race Nail is a commonly used size, as is a 5 Plater Special or Slider Nail.

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