The Horseshoe Barn’s 31st Annual Seminar A Great Success

The Horseshoe Barn held their 31st Annual Clinic on Friday & Saturday, November 9th & 10th featuring clinician Jonathan Nunn FWCF. Jonathan Nunn is a farrier based in Staffordshire who has over 30 years’ experience in horseshoeing and is one of five farriers of the “Feet First Farriers” mobile farrier service out of Staffordshire base at Central Forge. He provides services to all types of horses ranging from eventers, show jumpers, dressage, endurance, driving and leisure horses.

At the Horseshoe Barn’s Clinic, he discussed topics regarding the Werkman Horseshoes; “The Trim & Fit & Shoe Modification” along with a live demonstration on Friday with the Ortho Kits. Jonathan also discussed topics such as “Trimming Protocols around the Globe”, “The Right Mod for the Job”, and “Communications with Veterinarians & Horse Owners.” All these topics and more were pertinent knowledge to the farriers and beneficial in many ways.

We are very grateful Jonathan Nunn and Werkman Horseshoes were able to come out and support our clinic this year! Thank you to all the vendors who traveled near and far to come and support our seminar; Grand Circuit, Kahn Forge, Farrier Product Distribution, Delta Mustad Hoofcare, Vettec Hoof Care, as well as the AAPF and WSFA. This year was a great success with a huge turnout and we look forward to another year. Thank you all for the continued support each year!

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