The Horseshoe Barn’s 32nd Annual Fall Seminar A Success

The Horseshoe Barn’s 32nd Annual Complimentary Seminar, sponsored by the American and International Associations of Professional Farriers, took place November 8-9th was an absolute success. The American and International Associations of Professional Farriers was a gracious sponsor this year bringing to our clinic two excellent clinicians Bobby Menker CJF APF-I of Lexington, Kentucky and Mike Wharton CJF APF of Wellington, Florida. They drew in the crowds both Friday and Saturday with their discussions and live demonstrations on “Everything You Need To Know About Sliders, Putting A Positive On Negative Palmar Angle Horses, and Shoeing The Performance Horse.”

We could not have asked for a better weekend!! Local Farrier, Ivan Sanchez, graciously allowed Bobby Menker & Mike Wharton to perform demonstrations to his well-mannered horse which was exceptional for everyone in attendance to witness. The warehouse was full of Vendors such as Vettec Animal Health (Larkin Greene), Farrier Product Distribution (Dan Burke CF APF), Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center (Bob Bachen and Remco van der Linden CF) and Nutrena/Cargill (Christy Kitchingman and Kassidy Sears) all of whom providing samples for the farriers and displaying new and upcoming products.

The Horseshoe Barn would like to say, “Thank You” to our Vendors who donated items for the Door Prizes this year; Kahn Forge, GE Forge & Tool, Yoder, Equine Innovations Inc., Equilox, NC Tool Co., W-Brand Products, Multi-Products Co., Nordic Forge Inc., JB Aluminum, Anvil Brand, Life Data Labs Inc., Vettec, Centaur Forge LLC, EDSS Inc. and Farrier Product Distribution, . Your donations and support over these past thirty-two years has been overwhelming and we “Thank You” for your continued support.

Lastly, we would like to “Thank” our amazing clinicians, Bobby Menker CJF APF-I and Mike Wharton CJF APF who took time out of their busy schedules to come to Sacramento, CA and put on a great clinic. This was an excellent 32nd year here at The Horseshoe Barn and we look forward to another next year.

Thank You!!
The Horseshoe Barn

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